Hello World!

Welcome to the Waking Web Farm CSA-Member Inspired Recipe Blog! For 1.5 seasons, we’ve been receiving photos and stories of your amazing creations using your veggie shares. Thanks to CSA Member, Guy, who inspired the idea, we created a place where our CSA Members (and any of our customers) can share their amazing food creations with everyone… not just their farmers!

So how does it work? If you have a recipe and/or cooking story to share, email wakingwebfarm@gmail.com a photo (or 3!), and ingredients list and clear directions, and any additional storytelling elements you wish to include. We just ask that the creation includes at least one of the veggies grown at Waking Web Farm, or ingredients from any of the other hyper-local vendors we partner with (Terra Firma Farm, Full Moon Farm, Full House Farm, East Coast Aquaponics, Maple-Akers Homestead, Sugar Shaun’s Maple Syrup to name a few!)

From there, we’ll upload it onto the blog here for all to enjoy! Thanks to each of you for being such a wondrous contribution to our community. You are each perfect, whole, and complete, and needed in this world!

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